Flower City Lodge No. 689

Lodge History

(As beautifully written in the 50th anniversary program  by Worshipful Brother Phillip Watson, Lodge Historian)

To the members of Ionic Lodge #229 of Brampton, it was obvious that by 1956, with a membership of 340 and new petitions arriving, there would be a small chance that young Masons would find a way upon a team of officers or for that matter, the inability of the Lodge room above 10 Main Street, to hold them all. Thus a petition for dispensation to form a new lodge was presented and granted at the Grand Lodge meeting in July of 1956.

This resulted in the institution of a new lodge, Brampton’s second, meeting on the second and fourth Thursdays, and was named after consideration of the proposals (Chinguacousey), Tall Pines and Flower City.

Brampton was well known for it’s fame, in the Victorian times, of coach and horses and steam trains. Through to the World War II era it was known for it’s production of flowers under glass. Flower City was thus chosen. Thirty two Charter members from Ionic Lodge and other local area lodges were accepted and before long a persistent list of initiates passed through it’s ceremonies.

By it’s 25th anniversary some 300 members had been entered into its register which today stands at about 450. We now meet in a purpose-built, architect designed hall with it’s own free car park, along with an additional four lodges, one Royal Arch chapter, one Knights Templar Preceptory, two Eastern Star Chapter and a few other organizations. Flower City is proud of our progress and hope we are more than the appearance of being hospitable. Please come by and visit!

Wor. Bro. Phillip H. Watson, Historian