Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message From The East April 2013

The month of March was a productive month for our lodge and our members. We had three brothers passed to the Second Degree in different lodges: Bro. Jarod Leutri at Ibrox Lodge, Bro. Nick Ramputty at Runnymede Lodge. and Bro. Tomas Salcedo at The Mount Moriah Lodge on their Official Visit. At our meetings we raised Bro. Scott Connolly and Bro. Michael Arturi to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. I would like to congratulate the brothers for there impeccable proving in open lodge. You are assets and the future of our lodge.

March 27th we challenged Mississauga Lodge for the Traveling Gavel at the DDGM’s Official Visit to West Gate Lodge. I was happily surprised to see fifteen members out that evening which helped us to get the Gavel. I would like to send my gratitude to all brothers for their support in getting the Gavel and proving to the other lodges that were present that evening, that Flower City Lodge is part of this district. That evening West Gate Lodge had 47 members and 54 visitors present. What a nice picture!

The Regular Meeting in April is our election of new officers for the ensuing Masonic year. At the Emergent Meeting we will initiate the father of our Bro. Michael Arturi and presenting a 50-Year Service Pin to a member from Tisdale Lodge No. 76 in Saskatchewan.

For the brothers who can not be with us in the lodge or wherever we go may the G.A.O.U be with you and keep you safe and healthy.

W.Bro. Casian Cobniac

Worshipful Master