Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message from the East – February 2017


As January comes to a close we can look back to our first two meetings of the year with great delight. At our regular meeting we initiated Ralph Calaus, a past Demolay, to our ranks and welcomed Liam Doyle, a Master Mason from Ottawa, to our Brotherhood.

At our Emergent Meeting we passed Brother Serat Pershad from Chinguacousy lodge to the Second Degree and presented the Master Mason certificate to Brother Chaney Morkill.

There was also the District Theatre Night and Ionic Lodge hosted a District Lodge of Instruction education night.

There were plenty of things to do and see in Masonry this month.

As February approaches, the third month of winter, we are reminded how fast time is moving and how much time is left to do the things we have set out to accomplish.

Our Regular Meeting in February is scheduled as an education night. Several of our brethren after having attended the lodge of instruction night, are looking forward to sharing several pieces of work, including what to say when someone asks you “What is this Freemasonry thing all about?”.

Having the right answer at your fingertips can make all the difference in creating interest in others and doing justice to our institution.

Our Emergent Meeting will be reserved for degree work for any candidate that is prepared. A “thank you” goes out to the brethren that made it out to lodge and a special thanks to our very own Eddie Robalino for his attendance and rejoining our ranks.

Fraternal Greetings
W. Bro. Terry Austin
Worshipful Master