Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message From The East – Febuary 2013

February will be a interesting month as Saturday, February 2nd, our lodge will host the Wardens’ Association meeting and I recommend all our MM to attend.  It will be a good informative and educational morning . Breakfast will be served at 8AM and the cost will be $5, meeting starts at 9AM sharp.

The Regular Meeting we will have more initiations and the Emergent Meeting will be an education evening.   We will have guest speakers, and representatives of Rainbow Girls and DeMolay.

I would like to thank the members of our lodge for great Initiation degrees at our Emergent Meeting Saturday January 12.  It was very well done.  Again brethren, keep up the good work.

Lots of thanks to our brother Peter Rossall and his wife Dona for a delicious lunch we had that Saturday.

For our new initiated members Tomas Salcedo, Haron Khizar, Edgar Robalino and Daniel Silva, welcome to  Flower City Lodge; welcome to the brotherhood.

January 24 the district organized the annual Theatre Night in support for the Sick Kids’ Hospital. I am proud that we were a part of this noble cause and I would like to thank all the members who came out for this event.

To the sick and shut-ins may the G.A.O.U be with you and keep you safe.


W.Bro. Casian Cobniac

Worshipful Master