Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message From The East – March 2013

The month of March is here, a good sign that spring is approaching with big steps. March meetings will be the month for the Third Degrees. Our brothers Michael Arturi and Scott Connolly are ready and anxious to take the final step to be raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. On March 13th Bro. Nick Ramputty will be passed to the Second Degree in Runnymede Lodge No 619 at the Annette Street Temple. I encourage the brethren to support our member and come out that evening. We will organize carpools for those not familiar with the location.

March the 27th our DDGM is visiting West Gate Lodge at his Official Visit and we are invited as their official visitors as well. The Traveling Gavel is in their possession and I would like to challenge them to get it for our lodge. We are not the only lodge to challenge to get the Gavel that evening, so the lodge with the most members out is the deciding factor. Please be part of that evening and support the loge to be successful to get the Traveling Gavel.

Last month was a good month for our lodge, we hosted the Wardens Association Meeting and we had a good turnout. Bro. Jarod Leutri was passed to the Second Degree at Ibrox Lodge; a well prepared candidate and a well-performed degree. The Emergent Meeting was a good informative and educative evening. A good number of members and guests came out.

I hope that for our young members we stirred their interest for future study and the members who are planning to enroll their teens in the Rainbow Girls and the DeMolay boys got their answers.

For all our members wherever they are and for those who can not be with us in the lodge room, you are always in our minds and prayers and hope that this message will reach you in good spirit and health. If we can help in any way just let us know. We are here for you and may the G.A.O.U. be with all of us.

W.Bro. Casian Cobniac