Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message from the East – May 2015

Fraternal Greetings Brethren!

On Thursday, April 9th, we held our Annual elections. Congratulations to all the officers elected. I would like to thank the members for your support over the last 2 years as your Worshipful Master. I am honoured to have served Flower City Lodge No. 689 for that time and will continue to serve in any capacity that I can to assist. We will continue to grow as a lodge and expand our current programs – mentorship, social activities, and education.

At our Emergent meeting on Thursday, April 23rd, we conducted the 1st degree on Bro. Kevin Sinclair and Bro. Dylan Granata. I would like to congratulate both candidates and I am proud to call you both Brother. I would also like to congratulate the Brethren who took part in the degree on the excellent job conducted in the ritual work. Remember, practice helps and don’t be nervous – we are in this together. Thank you also to the members who stepped in at the last minute.

At our Regular meeting on Thursday, May 14th, we will be holding our Annual Installation and Investitures of the Officers of flower City Lodge No. 689. There will be a banquet prior to the Installation commencing at 6:30pm.

I look forward to greeting each of you at our Regular/Installation Meeting on May the 14th.

There will be no Emergent Meeting in May.

Please let me or the Secretary know if you would like to be advanced to the next degree so we can plan accordingly. If you require any assistance in advancing, please let me know so that we can make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Finally, to our sick and shut-in Brethren, our thoughts and prayers are with you, and please do not hesitate to contact me or any officer of the lodge if we can be of any assistance. If you require a drive to lodge, please let us know and we will make arrangements.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W. Bro. James Leutri