Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message from the East – November 2017


I’d like to welcome Arnel Pamoceno, our newest member of Flower City! It’s exciting to see new people join Flower City and begin their Masonic journey.

At our October Emergent meeting, we conducted an exemplification of the second degree, in preparation for our Regular meeting in November.

Our Regular meeting in November will be a special night. First, we’ll be hosting a second degree for Bro. David Bremner, from Unity Lodge. Secondly, it’s our Official Visit so we’ll be welcoming the DDGM to our lodge. Lastly, we’ll be conducting a Remembrance Service. It’ll be a great night!

Our Emergent meeting in November will be a potluck social night, where everyone is invited to bring family and friends. Please follow up with our Junior Warden, Bro. Chris Julie, with what you plan on bringing.

W. Bro. Stephen Davis
Worshipful Master