Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message from the East – October 2016


The year has kicked off with a bang at Flower City Lodge as we are out of the gate and running. As the summer comes to a close and we enter the fall season the month of September is already behind us.

This past month at our Regular Meeting we planned for the year and at our Emergent we had a practice second degree in preparation of our newest FellowCraft. We also came together for our first “Practice and Pint Sunday”. We had a great showing for our first early diner at our Emergent Meeting.

This upcoming month we hope to confer a Second Degree on our waiting candidate and our Emergent Meeting will be a family Social Night with the theme of Oktoberfest/Halloween dinner and potluck. (Costumes encouraged) There are several other events going on alongside in the district and there is no shortage of things to do and experience in being a mason. Your support for our lodge is appreciated from all 110 members and we look forward to meeting and sharing our limited time together. As a reminder, dinner will be served at 6:30pm before our meetings and we hope to conduct business and have everyone home at a decent time. Also if you haven’t received our weekly newsletter please send me an email at terry@terryaustin.ca to be added to the list.

W. Bro. Terry Austin
Worshipful Master