Flower City Lodge No. 689

Message from the East – October 2018



On behalf of the Worshipful Master Nick Ramputty, we would like to congratulate Bro. Fernando Pereyra on his Initiation into our fraternity. Also, a special thanks to W. Bro. Stephen Davis for filling in for the two meetings in September in his absence.

At the Regular Meeting we were treated to some very insightful education from W. Bro. James Leutri. Everyone took something home with them they had not known before, which is the purpose of education. This is much appreciated by all and we look forward to more in the future to assist us
with the “daily advancement in Masonic knowledge”.

We will be Initiating a new member at the Regular Meeting and will either Initiate another or Pass a Brother to the Second Degree at the Emergent Meeting, depending on availability, so officers and degree participants, be prepared!

V.W. Bro. Steve Ellstrom